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Cult Hub | July 22, 2014

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Cat fur jewellery – Cute or Cringeworthy?

Cat fur jewellery – Cute or Cringeworthy?

If you’re a cat owner you probably wear your cat’s fur on your clothes anyway.

Kate Benjamin of Moderncat went one step further and commissioned jewellery designer Heidi Abrahamson to turn her cat’s winter coat into a stylish jewellery collection.

The necklace, earrings and cocktail ring were designed to celebrate US National Hairball Awareness Day on Friday.

If you worried about having to wait until your precious pet has coughed up enough fur balls to make the collection, don’t fear, these were made by collecting unwanted fur using a grooming tool called The Furminator. The collected fur was then rolled between palms and the strands felted into tight, solid beads, which were then then strung up on sterling silver.

“if you’re going to wear cat fur, why not be fashionable about it.” – Kate Benjamin


If you want to commission your own custom set of pet fur jewellery, you can contact Heidi Abrahamson for pricing and details.

Hairball Jewelry [via Ecouterre]

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