Find your stolen camera with CameraTrace

Cameras are expensive items and the memory cards inside them often hold lots of images you’ve taken time and care over. So when your camera gets stolen it’s upsetting to say the least. Which is why I’m excited about this nifty little service that traces images on the internet taken by your stolen camera. GadgetTrak’s new CameraTrace website can help you find images posted online that were taken using your camera, even after it’s stolen.  You can either run a free search or for a one-off fee of $10 you can register your camera’s serial number and be notified when anything’s found.

This site will also make it easier for stores that were looted during this years riots to find the culprits and bring them to justice. Camera thieves should find a new vocation.

The service also helps you protect your work by finding your photos that are being used without permission.

CameraTrace (via PetaPixel)

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