Best before – a sure fire way to find your prince


As none of you will know, I will soon hopefully be packing up my life and moving to Australia. Crazy times huh? So my sorry single arse has finally given up on English men and is hoping to bag itself a life guarding, surfing, kind hearted Australian who rescues kittens from burning buildings on the weekend. Not to much to ask right?!

Since I have made this life changing decision, it has been a lot of waiting around, deep discussions and 3 weeks in Asia. I also recently celebrated my birthday, and as I always do on this monumental day, I got started reflecting over my time in London. I came to the conclusion, that for me, my time in London has a best before date. And sadly, it is 4 years. I know it is the right time for me to go. I go on my merry little way and life decides to come along and if I had any, kick me in the balls. A friend introduces me to a friend of theirs and now here we are. I’m hopefully leaving in 2 months and I have this fantastic guy. Are the Gods conspiring against me?! Or, the conclusion I have come to, is it just going well because we both know I’m leaving?  We have a best before date on whatever it is we have so there is not the pressure of “hmmmm where is this going?”.

This got me to thinking about, especially women, do we exude a sell by date that reeks of desperation and puts men off?  We all know about a women’s biological clock. That thing that ticks away like a timebomb. (Apparently. I have never heard it myself). Am I a lot more relaxed now as my life is no longer in London. My head is already in Australia with my kitten rescuing man. I’d like to think so, people have even commented on how serene I seem to be.

I guess what I am trying to say is: Plan to leave the country and your prince will turn up. As for me? Is Mr New guy actually Mr Right? Come on you should know me by now! No way. He’s my Mr Right Now of course.

Author: Jodie Burch (12 Posts)

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