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Cult Hub | July 28, 2014

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London Fashion Week AW12-13: Spijkers & Spijkers

London Fashion Week AW12-13: Spijkers & Spijkers

The Spijkers & Spijkers AW12 collection is the first this season at Vauxhall Fashion Scout that consisted of more mature styles. Their target audience is obviously not the young and extremely trendy but this doen’t mean that they are not appealing clothes, they certainly are! Although, the use of very popular animal feather elements and trimmings (which were also evident in the footwear) and african prints shows that there is a little bit of awareness of some trends. There is a mixture of slightly below the knee and slightly above the knee hemlines which gives the collection a wider variety of directions. It is almost like the collection was designed by more than one person. The Spijker En Spijker designers happen to be twin sisters which gives some clarity on the previous statement. It is evident that they both have two different opinions but bring it all together and make it all work to create one beautiful and diverse collection. The Netherland born and raised sisters are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Author: Wunmi (8 Posts)