Zombie Apocalypse Experience Opens in Reading

Have you always wanted to experience a zombie apocalypse? Does defeating and outwitting a horde of stumbling moaning ‘zoms’ appeal to you? Well now you can live out your dreams in safety at a deserted shopping centre near Reading.

Wish.co.uk are offering the Zombie Apocalypse Experience at the abandoned Friar’s Walk shopping centre, proving that even a victim of the recession can turn it’s fortune around. People from all over the world are booking days at the attraction to be chased by actors in scarily realistic costumes.

They previously offered a survival boot camp, teaching basic zombie combat techniques and survival skills. They’ve now included a two and a half hour long zombie invasion inside the abandoned shopping centre. Think interactive theatre except the audience carry airsoft guns and the actors are after your brains.

The experience costs £119 and is running for a limited time.

Wish.co.uk Zombie Apocalypse Experience

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