Entirely Crowdsourced Productions a Reality Thanks to FameUp.TV

How would you like to create online adverts and content from the comfort of your own living room…and be paid for it? FameUp.TV is a new website which allows you to create entirely crowdsourced productions, from the creative brief to the onscreen and off-screen talent.

FameUp hopes to create a revolution in the media by combining the competition and excitement of talent shows with the creative passion of online audiences to form a production company based on crowdsourcing. The site gives people the opportunity to take part in creating web TV by inviting them to “win” roles as cast and crew on professional productions that will be mentored by industry professionals. Disrupting the established system for recruiting acting and production talent, users will apply by submitting videos. They hope this will allow aspiring talent to bypass the route of agents and networking and give hope to people looking for their big break. Users will then take part in competitions to win key roles on productions – directing, filming, editing, presenting and obviously acting – and the winners will produce high quality web content whilst being mentored by professionals.

The result will be diverse, high quality video content that can be distributed and syndicated online. As well as giving people a chance to take part in productions, users will apparently get paid and raise their profile through the online distribution. FameUp is already cooperating with the JWT, one of Europe’s biggest adverting agencies, and leading ad network Brightroll to enable maximum exposure of the content and various revenues streams.

The competition and voting system is integrated with existing social networks so talent can drum up support from their friends and family.

Unlike similar websites that never took off, FameUp is not headed up by web designers looking to exploit young talent, the person in charge is Alon Shtruzman, previously VP Digital Media of FOX International Channels. Other prominent members on the team are Iris Maor, previously MD of Yipp Films and Jack Brough, a BAFTA nominated script writer and a prolific online video creator.

The production will cover various genres including drama, comedy, reality, lifestyle etc. but all will focus on content which appeals to advertisers. This model will allow FameUp to find funding for productions which will be presented on FameUp’s own site and syndicated on other sites to maximise viewership.

Having just been launched in the UK, the developers hope to launch on various different devices later on in the year, including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, streaming, etc. Not keen on stopping there, they will then roll out to Europe in different languages.

For more information, take a look at FameUp.TV.

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