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Cult Hub | December 22, 2014

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Lindsay Lohan Crashes Car on way to Film ‘Liz and Dick’

Lindsay Lohan Crashes Car on way to Film ‘Liz and Dick’

Poor Lindsay Lohan, just as it all seemed to be going well, something else happens to upstage her good news. This time it was a car accident where her Porche collided with a dumper truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles. Luckily Lohan, who was on her way to the set of her new film, and an assistant who she was travelling with emerged uninjured but her car was left crumpled.

Santa Monica Police are still investigating who was at fault in the accident and neither Lohan or the truck’s driver showed any signs of driving under the influence. As part of their investigation, police are asking for eye witnesses to come forward, they’re also trying to determine who was driving. They’re accepting anonymous tips about the accident and are offering a $1,000 reward if it leads to an arrest.

Lindsay was on her way to film scenes for “Liz and Dick” a biopic about the love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Filming had only started this week and is expected to continue until the end of June. The crash was only days after publicity images of Lindsay in character as Elizabeth Taylor were released.

Well we think she looks amazing as Elizabeth Taylor, even if the film is being “made for TV”.

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