Watch Peter Hurley’s The Art of the Headshot Presentation for Free


Peter Hurley might not be a big name in the UK but across the pond he’s a celebrity photographer who earns his crust from Actors’ headshots. Speaking at the recent Google+ Photography Conference in San Francisco, Hurley gave an hour long talk into one of the secrets of how he gets the most out of his subjects.

As a former professional model, his campaigns including Ralph Lauren Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch, the model turned photographer knows that it’s great photos of his clients that get him more and more work.

The jawline technique is one of the secrets he uses on a daily basis and in this full length video; which will appeal to headshot photographers, Actors and anyone sitting for a portrait; you can see exactly how dramatically it improves a headshot for yourselves.

In an era of fauxtographers where any one with a camera professes to be a photographer, Hurley explains clearly why you should use the services of an experienced professional and why you should hone your craft. Great headshots arn’t created by technical prowess or lighting techniques but by psychology and interaction.

An utterly enlightening seminar which reminds photographers that when actors are paying hundreds of pounds for photographs every year, going away with photographs that they’re unhappy with can end up costing them a career.


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