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Cult Hub | April 16, 2014

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4D Cinemas With ‘Smell-O-Vision’ hit US – UK Next?

4D Cinemas With ‘Smell-O-Vision’ hit US – UK Next?

It seems like 3D cinema has only just reached infancy and now it’s being kicked back out again – is 4D cinema coming?

Cinema seems to be changing so fast lately that it wouldn’t surprise me to sit down for a film and be watching it in an additional dimension by the time the ending credits roll.

So, you might be thinking, what happens after 3D? Well, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed, 4D looks set to be the new big thing – and it looks exciting, too.

Around 200 cinemas in the US are set to be equipped with this additional ‘D’, and it’ll be joining us in the form of the much anticipated smell-o-vision amongst other special effects in a bid to boost the cinema industry.

What can we expect to see (or feel, or smell)?
4D cinema brings a plethora of new effects to enhance our movie-watching experience, including smoke machines, strobe lights, water sprays and of course smell emissions. Sounds like the nightclub I went to for my 18th birthday.

A particularly bizarre but nonetheless intriguing concept is that of ‘back ticklers’ which rub and stroke your back as actors fall over or things happen behind you.

It might all sound a bit crazy, but the system is already up and running in South Korea and Mexico, and first impressions are quite decidedly positive.

When can we expect it?
This kind of thing has been cropping up in theme parks for a while now, but integrating it into mainstream cinema is a more difficult task. Trials are getting underway as we speak and if all is successful then we can expect to see 4D cinema spreading across the US and into the UK.

That said, each system costs around $2m to put in place, so I don’t think we can expect 4D to be taking the country by storm just yet. Even once it’s arrived, ticket prices are estimated to increase by around $8, and that seems like quite a big hit considering the huge price of tickets and snacks nowadays anyway.

That doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t look forward to it though – the system looks set to present film like we’ve never seen it before, and hopefully it will inject a bit of much needed life into the industry. More and more of us are turning to a DVD on the couch over multiplex, and it’s hoped that 4D can tempt us back again.

The question in my mind is – do people really want to have their senses assaulted in the cinema? I can think of quite a number who wouldn’t much fancy coming out of a film dripping wet because a boat tipped over in the film. I can certainly think of more people who would love the idea, I just hope that they’re willing to go enough times to fund the concept.

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