Paranormal Activity 4 Fans to Decide Where in World Will Have Early Screenings

Fans of the Paranormal Activity films are going to be given the power to decide where in the world will have early screenings. Paramount Pictures will debut the fourth installment in the popular horror franchise in 25 cities around the world by encouraging fans to vote to see it first with a new “Want It” application on Facebook.

Paramount’s press release has genuinely described all the 955 million Facebook’s users as “fans”… which is probably a tiny bit of an optimistic over estimation on their behalf. Those of you who are genuine fans, or those who just want to see the film earlier than the rest of the world can vote for an advance screening in their city by clicking on the “Want It” button on the film’s fan page at

For any one who’s interested, “Want It” is a application that uses Facebook’s open graph technology that gives fans the opportunity to vote to bring the franchise to their city and “leverage” their social networks to “ensure” they are one of the top 25 winning locations. “The application recognizes a fan’s geo-location according to their Facebook profile and automatically registers a vote to bring the film to their city first. Votes will be shared on a fan’s page and automatically posted to the Facebook newsfeed to rally their peers to bring the film to their city first too.”

It’s a great testament to the power of the franchise if you’re one of the ones willing to be labelled a fanatic and to be used and your friends “leveraged”. However, it will be interesting to see which cities in the world really want to see Paranormal Activity 4 the most.

Fans can register their vote at or at the film’s website,

The 25 cities that receive the most votes will win a free screening of the eagerly awaited film before it hits theaters October 19, 2012 just in time for Halloween. How they decide who will get to actually go to the free screenings has yet to be announced.

Paranormal Activity 4 is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Katie Featherstone is set to return and star alongside Glee alum Dianna Agron.

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