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Cult Hub | July 30, 2014

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Fashion Designer Ashish Gupta Answers All…

Fashion Designer Ashish Gupta Answers All…

Ok so Fashion Week may be gone, but the illustrious design inspiration is set for this season and the season to come. We were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with British Designer, Ashish. His London Fashion Week Show was a fabulous affair of statement making jerseys, dual denim and sequin design masterpieces, with an essential dose of pastel tones.


His designs are both conceptual and cutting edge – setting the standards for the upcoming Spring Summer 2013 Season…

Here’s what Ashish had to say…

CH: What first attracted you to get into fashion?

ASHISH:  I cant actually remember wanting to do anything else.I grew up reading Vogue when other kids at school were reading comic books, so I think I was pretty obsessed with it even as a child.

CH: I would describe your designs as being statement making and print enthused, would you agree?

ASHISH: The spring summer 2013 collection has very minimal print and quite a restrained palette, but generally yes, i usually veer towards tons of colour, print and pattern. I love sequins so my clothes usually cant help making a statement!

CH: If you could name three people/places that inspire you, what would they be and why?

ASHISH: London inspires me because its such a mix of different cultures especially with regards to street fashon/ my mother inspires me because she’s always been very stylish, and she has the most incredible energy/ India inspires me because of all the amazing craftsmanship and the beautiful culture.

CH: How would you best describe the ‘Ashish’ Woman?

ASHISH: I think the Ashish woman has a sense of humour,  she loves glamour and she has a penchant for sequins, but she also likes to keep it very casual and she believes in easy dressing.

CH: In your opinion, what three elements play crucial in becoming a successful Fashion Designer?

ASHISH: I think you have to have something new/interesting to say , I think you have to be in the right place at the right time, and I think you have to be able to work really really really hard. 

CH:Out of all your dazzling collections, which would you refer to as your ‘signature’ piece?

ASHISH: I think it would have to be the sequin bomber jacket because it was the first thing i made that I sold, and I do a version of it every season.

Author: Samar Sadullah (11 Posts)