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Cult Hub | November 1, 2014

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[Sponsored Post] Salty Dog Nuts – They’re Real and You Can Snack on Them

[Sponsored Post] Salty Dog Nuts – They’re Real and You Can Snack on Them
Genevieve Sibayan

Salty Dog Nuts. There is finally a product that makes use of that age old pun. You know the one, don’t pretend you don’t. The makers of this novelly named product didn’t even create it on purpose, the founder of the Salty Dog company, Dave Wills, used to be a delivery driver. One day Dave decided he could make better crisps than the ones he was delivering and so formed the Salty Dog crisp company in 2002. The name ‘Salty Dog’ is a tribute to Dave’s loveable terrier and cabin buddy, ‘Ruby’.

Salty Dog Nuts are extreamly nibbly, come in a range of flavours and are now available to buy in Tesco. They come in Salted Peanuts, Salted Cashews, Chili Peanuts, Dry Roasted Peanuts and Honey Roasted Peanuts. Now you don’t even have to visit the pub to buy them as the new line is now available in Tesco so you can snack on them at home.

I was lucky enough to try the range so that I could share my thoughts. Most of us know what peanuts taste like so what  I didn’t expect was for all the different flavours to taste so wildly different. The nuts come in really tough, classy little black packets. The salted peanuts taste just as you would expect, so you know what you’re getting, no surprises which is a good thing. The salted cashews are a nice change to peanuts, they’re not as salty as you would expect and the cashews are soft and have a nice nutty, buttery taste. The dry roasted peanuts have an unexpected and unique flavouring to them; which includes onions, spices and celery; it makes them an unexpected very moorish savoury treat. The chilli peanuts have a super tangy kick, they’re definitely not for wimps and the honey roasted peanuts are a nice sweet change to the savouryness. All the nuts in the Salty Dog nuts range are very moorish, I was going to get my housemates to help me review them all but this isn’t going to happen because I will be eating them all.

You, lucky people, can also be in with the chance of winning an iPhone by visiting the Salty Dog Facebook page and entering their competition. Salty Dog have also made it into the book of ‘Cool Brands’ and you can get free stuff from them by visiting the Salty Dog website where you can also find out about their Crisps, Darling Spuds and Popcorn ranges.

Salty Dog nuts can now be bought from Tesco and more information can be found on their facebook page and twitter feed.

This post is sponsored by Salty Dog but all my thoughts are my own.

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