Diagram of How to Get A Hollywood Studio To Green Light Your Picture

Straight from the “mommy, how are films made?” series, here’s a scarily accurate, if not somewhat toungue in cheek flow chart of how a film becomes a film from a book and how “they” decide if they’re going to make it or not. So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering when your favourite book is going to be adapted for the big screen the the mysterious “they”…then here’s how “they” go about it.

Not on the chart is also the step where the lead Actors “they” are looking at are all “too TV” and there are “no A-listers who can pull off humour”. Yes, I’ve heard this being said of one particular production that’s been greenlit for years. Shh.

[via Get A Hollywood Studio To Green Light Your Picture, In 29 Easy Steps — NPR Online]

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