The final season of “Breaking Bad” is almost at an end and us addicts fill be wondering where we can get out Albuquerque fix from.  AMC and Sony Pictures Television have announced plans for a new spinoff series with the working title “Better Call Saul” featuring the crooked criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul is planned as an hour long prequel focusing on Saul Goodman before he ever met Walter White. Leading the show is presumed to be Bob Odenkirk who’s played the character since the beginning.

With the planned series being a prequel, we still don’t know if Saul Goodman will live or die by the end of Breaking Bad.

The criminal “criminal lawyer” Goodman; who changed his name to Saul McGill so that clients wouldn’t think he was Jewish; often uses “extra-legal” methods to help his clients.

The announcement this week didn’t reveal casting, timing or anything else about the plot.

The announcement did not reveal casting or timing for the series. “Breaking Bad” is in the second half of its fifth and final season.


Saul Goodman has his own website where you can find out how to dress like Saul, hear testimonials or even watch the live office webcam. Watch his television commercial below…


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