Catch these virals: Telekinesis, Chickens, Galloping Robots


A round up of some of the things that have tickled us throughout the week.

– This hilarious viral shows what would happen if Carrie stepped out of the screen and was a normal girl in normal land. I personally love the way some people are not scared in the slightest and tiptoe away giggling.

– Chickens are better models than you…as these two videos show. The first one is a strangely hypnotic video from Mercedes and the second is for the LG G2 camera.

– A submarine exploding through the pavements of Milan. This amazing art installations was created to promote Europ Assitance IT’s ‘Protect Your Life’ campaign.

– This galloping robot developed by Boston Dynamics can run up to 16 miles per hour. It can also turn, bound and right itself if it falls on its knees. I’m scared.

– Banksy, Bristolian peace artist (see what I did there?), posted this video on his website of a rebel rocket attack.

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