James Haskell’s Fitness Trend Predictions for 2014 Focus on Playtime

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There seems to be a new fitness trend every month, a breakthrough fitness regime that’s guaranteed to make us drop a dress size. What ever happened to child’s play, the games we would play oblivious to the fact that we were actually getting a great workout? Not only are these reminiscent routines a fun alternative to ordinary exercise, they are also a great way of saving on a costly gym membership!

Every generation had its trends,

  • ·         If you’re in your 50s and a child of the 60s you’ll remember good old British bull-dog, tag, hop-scotch, red rover and hide-and-seek
  • ·         If you are now in your 40s you would have spent the 70s skipping, roller skating, hula hooping and severely dodgy break-dancing
  • ·         Those of you in your 30s and an 80s babies would have spent your days skateboarding, roller skating, BMX-ing, ice skating and doing gymnastics
  • ·         Children of the 90s – remember those micro-scooters, trampolining, laser quest and snowboarding on the dry ski slope?

James Haskell has predicted that we’ll be revisiting some old favourites to stay in shape in 2014!

The benefits of skipping

  • ·         Skipping works your legs, your calves, your quads as well as your cardiovascular system. It’s a great exercise widely used by many sports people, requiring an entire body hit of conditioning.

The benefits of roller skating/ blading

  • ·         Rollerblading again will work your leg muscles and depending on for how long and how fast you go, you will build some body conditioning too.

The benefits of BMX/ cycling

  • ·         Cycling is great for lower body toning and of course offers a huge fitness element. This is probably the most popular family fitness activity and with smart phone applications like ‘Strava Cycling’, you can compete against other cyclists in your area. The perfect incentive for those of you who are competitive! I would say a minimum of 30 minutes a day to start building a good base for yourself and keeping the whole family in shape, is the ideal place to start.

The benefits of hiking/walking

  • ·         As we enter the season of big lunches and over-indulgence there is nothing like getting out of the house with all the family, irrespective of age and going for a long country walk or a brisk hike. An hour’s walk over different gradients will raise the heart rate and help to burn off some of calories. Just make sure you have the appropriate supportive footwear and clothing on when you do so.

The benefits of yoga

  • ·         With all the child’s play games aside, one fitness trend that’s been around for generations and is most defiantly not going anywhere is Yoga. Yoga has a host of benefits for every generation, whether it’s increasing flexibility, which helps with every type of sport, or improving upper body stabilisation, the benefits are endless and the time to start is now. They say the earlier you start, the greater the benefits, so why wait.

james haskell abs shirtless muscles (2)We also asked James about his advice for busy people and here’s what he said…


Desk-er-cise Advice and tips on how to maintain a healthy work life, exercises you can do from your desk and on your lunch break as well as nutritional advice for office lunches
You can do the following at your desk

– Chair squat

Squat down in front of your chair without supporting yourself. Then lower slowly down so your bottom just touches the seat of the chair then come up again. Keeping the weight through your heels. Keep your head up.

3 x 20 reps is good with a break of 30 seconds between reps.


– Chair or desk dips

Use either the edge or front of the chair to perform a dip. Make sure the chair is rigid and strong enough to undertake the exercise. Have your back facing the edge of the desk, arms bent.  Have your legs out in front of you and your weight is going through your hands. You dip down and then push up. Feeling it in your triceps

3x 10 reps with a break of 30 seconds between reps


– press ups

Either perform normal press-ups on front of your desk or if you feel adventurous, put your feet on the chair and hands on the floor. This makes things harder.

3 x 8-10 reps with a break of a minute between reps

– lunges


Again one for in front of the desk – normal lunges, keeping good form and body shape

3 x10 each leg


– Sit- ups

Crunches – Lay on the floor, flat on your back. Keeping hips pressed to the ground with knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Hands behind your head.

Raising-up your torso, curling the shoulders towards the pelvis, with the lower back remaining on the floor.

3×10 reps with a break of 30 seconds between reps


Quick Nutrition tips


– avoid all processed food such as white bread

– Avoid Breakfast cereals – they are full of sugar.

– always try and eat a good breakfast – eggs and broccoli or any green vegetable     with a protein shake but always with water NOT milk.

– They say eat 5 pieces of fruit a day. In truth don’t worry too much about the fruit – always eat vegetables but without any sauces, with every meal.


•        Don’t watch the kids, join them! Tips and advice on the best ways to burn calories whilst out with the kidsTry getting involved with the kids activities. Simple games like tag and hide and seek can be gentle ways of exercising. For the more active playing sports like rounder’s or cricket provides a good moderate work-out.

Any form of activity other than just a simple stroll will always be good. Try power walking or maybe with young children, buy a good pram and run with it.

There is also cycling and now you can get a buggy to hitch on to the back of your bike into which you can out your baby or very young children. So there is now no excuse for the whole family not to get involved.

 •        James’s top 10 lifestyle changes to get you on the path to fitness

1.            Diet is everything. In any successful programme diet will always comprise 70% and exercise 30%. Most people think it’s the reverse. There is a great truth in the saying “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet!”

2.            Make small changes and stick to them. Don’t try everything or indeed to do everything in one go. Sadly you will never stick to it.

3.            Have breakfast every day – protein based ideally. Eggs are great

4.            Eat a massive variety of vegetables, put a lot colours into your food. Don’t worry too much about fruit. Vegetables are more important and remember with vegetables you can eat as much as you want

5.            Avoid processed food and ready meals

6.            Try and exercise for at least 10 minutes a day, every day. Get your heart rate-up. Walk the dog; go running, do some body weight work just do something!

7.            Always seek advice and guidance before you start. So may diets and exercise plans fail because people get disillusioned. That’s because they were doing it all wrong to start with and sadly they were never going to achieve what they wanted.

8.            Create a plan. As Scott Alexander says “if you walk into a gym without a game plan then walk straight back out again. Get one sorted and then re-enter the gym with purpose, knowledge and vision. Execute the plan with precision.” So start properly and stick with it for a minimum of 4 weeks. You have got to give anything you do reasonable time to work. Everyone has an opinion, try it and if you don’t get results after giving it a reasonable shot then change. Don’t change every 5 minutes and don’t give up after the first week or two

9.            Preparation is the key. Double-up food when making dinner and put in the fridge for the next day. Hydration is also key, Avoid fizzy drinks, especially the diet ones as they are more often or not worst for you to drink because of the hidden sugar levels.

10.          Keep a record of your results and achievements through pictures and measurement’s. Avoid worrying about the scales.

James Haskell has used his experience to create a range of fitness products for men and women. Check out the range at http://www.jhbodyfire.com

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