Sponsored Video: The Hoff goes in search of Digital Freedom

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Security experts F-Secure have teamed up with living legend The Hoff in their quest for digital freedom. David Hasslehoff has been Looking For Freedom since 1989 when his single became the unofficial anthem representing the fall of the Berlin Wall. 25 years after the event, The Hoff is still in search of freedom, this time it’s digital.

What is #digitalfreedom? Well that’s up to you to decide? F-Secure want your input into the discussion of what that should be. Do we deserve privacy protection? What about freedom of information? Where do we draw the line? What does being free digitally mean to you? Watch the video below then take part and take a stand by heading over the #Fsecure and helping to create the #DigitalFreedom manefesto.

mikko hoff fsecure digital freedom

F-Secure believe that protecting our privacy while surfing is important and that it doesn’t need to be a grey area. Join David Hasselhoff and F-Secure’s CRO Mikko Hyppönen in the mission to make privacy black and white by participate in editing the international manifest for digital freedom taking shape in the form of a public wiki. The best opinions will be part of a final manifesto published by F-Secure and sent to important international decision makers, office holders and influential organisations.

Join in the conversation with F-Secure on Twitter using the tag #DigitalFreedom.

This post has been sponsored by F-Secure, but concerns our own opinion

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