Developed to give partners a competitive edge with access to enterprise grade software for Wi-Fi marketing.

Press Release updated: Sep 14, 2017 05:00 EDT

Aislelabs has just announced their new Channel Partner program. The program is designed to create a beneficial relationship with partners enabling them to service a wider range of customers from small businesses to multinational enterprises. The new program is designed to help Aislelabs partners reach clients by providing superior high-margin solutions.

The new program will open up new recurring revenue streams for partners with access to all of Aislelabs’ enterprise-grade platform solutions. Partners will gain a competitive edge with the advanced analytics platform as well as exclusive resources. This will allow them to drive business growth, create new opportunities, increase profitability, and close deals faster.

Along with first-in-line support, Aislelabs Channel Partners will receive comprehensive marketing and support documentation as well as access to training programs in order to help them succeed. Partners will also benefit from early access to new product features, technology briefings, and invitations to all exclusive partner events.

Social Wi-Fi provides one-click access to guest Wi-Fi via social accounts and email opt-ins, transforming it into a powerful marketing and customer insights tool. It collects visitor demographic information at a physical location which can then be used to create multi-channel marketing campaigns via email, SMS, social posts, and more.

Aislelabs services numerous industry verticals including airports, retail, brands, food and beverage, venues, hospitality and shopping centres. To learn more about Aislelabs, visit their website at or contact them by phone at 1-(888) 765-3645 or by email [email protected]

About Aislelabs Inc.: Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising, and analytics platform in the market. They help clients build relationships with visitors and shoppers, marketing to them based on their behaviour inside brick-and-mortar spaces. Aislelabs technology empowers their clients to target audiences across all digital channels and create high impact campaigns with measurable ROI.

Source: Aislelabs Inc.

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