Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/13/2017 — Bee Chems, a renowned supplier of industrial chemicals, offers molecular sieve, MolCat®, for easily purifying gas streams in petroleum, and chemical industries. A three-dimensional interconnecting network of silica and alumina tetrahedral, molecular sieves have very small pores of diameters between 2 and 50 nm (20–500 Å), making it act as an adsorbent for gases and liquids. This chemical compound is made of microporous, mesoporous, or macroporous materials, and is available with the company in common size of 2-5 mm, which clients can get customized as per their specifications. Bee Chems provide molecular sieves in 150-160 kg drums and also in jumbo bags, based on the specific needs of the clients.

When it comes to providing exceptional molecular sieves at the industry’s best prices, Bee Chems stands apart. Molecular sieves that they provide is ideal for different applications, including separation of normal paraffins from branched-chain and cyclic hydrocarbons, removal of H2S, CO2 and mercaptans from natural gas, commercial gas drying, and air plant feed purification, just to name a few. Those looking for best-in-class molecular sieves can get in touch with their professionals by filling a simple contact form present on their official website, BeeChems.com. In addition to molecular sieves, they also offer colloidal silica, alumina sols, activated alumina, carbex gas absorbents, cationic additives, humidity indicator cards, ethylene absorbers, and many other chemical products.

Talking more about the applications of molecular sieves, one of the representatives of Bee Chems stated, “Commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams, including cracked gas, propylene, butadiene, acetylene; drying polar liquids such as methanol and ethanol. Adsorption of molecules such as NH3 and H2O from a N2/H2 flow. Preferred for static dehydration in closed liquid or gas systems, e.g., in packaging of drugs, electric components and perishable chemicals; water scavenging in printing and plastics systems and drying saturated hydrocarbon streams. Adsorbed species include SO2, CO2, H2S, C2H4, C2H6, and C3H6.”

About Bee Chems
Bee Chems has been serving the need for Silica and Alumina chemicals since 1972. Solving the problems of customers and working on improving their profitability, was the driving force behind setting up the company. Working in the field of silica and alumina chemistry, Bee Chems became the first Indian company to manufacture colloidal silica. Since then the company has continuously given new products to the customers at regular intervals and became the first Indian company to make activated desiccants and eco-friendly silica gel. With growing integration with global economies, Team Bee Chems is now putting in every active effort to bring out more such innovative products.

For more information, please visit: www.beechems.com.

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