Perks WW’s writes eBook for HR managers who want to design an employee recognition program that will foster employee engagement.

Press Release updated: Sep 14, 2017 02:00 CDT

Leading employee incentive and loyalty marketing company, Perks WW Employee, publishes a new employee recognition eBook written specifically for HR managers.

HR Managers Guide to Employee Recognition: Think Like a Winning Coach, discusses how HR managers can borrow tactics from athletic coaches when implementing an employee recognition program.  

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Conveying the value of a recognition program to department managers
  • Four ideas that will enhance your employee recognition program
  • Five action steps you can adopt immediately to craft a winning employee recognition game plan

Our goal with the new eBook is to show HR managers how to help their departments recognize achievement by creating a winning recognition game plan that engages managers, is personalized to individuals, communicates successes across the company, and evolves over time to meet new goals and objectives.

Deb Broderson, CMO Perks Worldwide

People who want to read “HR Managers Guide to Employee Recognition: Think Like A Winning Coach,” can download it from

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