Jewellery designer is the soul of a decent piece of fine jewellery. It is the designer’s creativity, unique idea and diligence which bring jewellery to life and added-value to the jewellery itself. Given the importance, the Organiser has launched the Designer Pavilion and has recruited world renowned designer and a senior member of Japan Jewellery Designer Association, Hiroko Saito, lightweight jewellery designer, Manabu Imamura and subsidiary designers of KODAMA from Japan to showcase their simple but stylish design selections from Japan. Locally, up and coming designers, like Chinlin Wang, Yu-Yi Liu, Chun-Ting Chang, Victoria Huang, etc. will also display their unique and sophisticated designs.

A well-designed jewellery piece is like an art; adding to the already expansive selection of designers, famous high-end designer name jewellery brand AKACHEN will showcase its jewellery series of “Zen” which is made with pure Titanium. Along with the exceptional design, superb mounting skills and strategic position of the gemstone, each piece of the series carries its own distinctive artistic value.

Onsite Activity

Organised by the Taipei Jewellery Workshop Union, the 3rd annual Taiwan Goldsmith’s Craft Competition will once again reveal its winners and invite the final nominees to demonstrate their outstanding metalsmithing techniques at Taiwan

Jewellery & Gem Fair. The purpose of the competition is to provide goldsmiths with a platform to exchange jewellery-making skills, attract young talents and apprentices while elevating the social status of professional goldsmiths in Taiwan. In 2016, the youngest nominee was only 19 years old, but his techniques were not only acknowledged by the judges but also by the goldsmith experts. This year, as more applications are being received, the competition is expected to be more intense. Meanwhile, GIA Taiwan Chapter, one of the most senior chapters of GIA will hold the 3rd Asia GIA Alumni meeting at the Fair. The meeting aims to gather GIA members and industry elites from across Asia to gather and to celebrate Taiwan Chapter’s 25th anniversary.

Organised by UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch and Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association, Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair welcomes all members of the jewellery industry as well as private collectors. To save time at the fair visitor registration counter, the pre-registration has been made available on the official website. All trade buyers are invited to take advantage of this quick and easy online registration system.

About UBM Asia (

Owned by UBM plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, UBM Asia is the largest trade show organiser in Asia. UBM Asia was awarded “Asia’s Most Reliable Trade Show Organiser Award” in Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Awards (HKMVCA) 2016.

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SOURCE UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch

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