Finally, a company that has created a way for individuals who work from home, the flexibility to work in a shared office space where they can collaborate with others. Cowork Heros has designed an app that will connect the Coworker with any partnered coworking facility for a monthly fee. Memberships allow customers to utilize any coworking location that partners with Cowork Heros. This service allows them to have more freedom on where they work. Work right down the street or at any location across the nation. Perfect for the traveling worker or the individuals that need a change of scenery.

Cowork Heros is set to launch their service on Oct.1st, 2017. Cowork Heros is also looking for recommendations for new locations to join their network. Feel free to make recommendations to Cowork Heros on their website. Follow updates of Cowork Heros on Cowork Heros Twitter and Cowork Heros Facebook page.

“Cowork Heros does not want the individuals that use co-working to feel stuck at one location or one particular CoWork brand.

We don’t want you to feel stuck at one location, that’s why we have partnered with locations all over to provide you with ultimate flexibility in choosing where to work. Enjoy traveling and working in your favorite cities.

Brandon Howard, CEO

The app that will connect workers with partnered locations all over to provide them with ultimate flexibility in choosing where to work.

“Workers get to enjoy traveling and working in their favorite cities.”

Media Contact: 
Brandon Howard 
Phone: 907.351.3079
Email: [email protected]

Source: Cowork Heros

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