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At the moment, he is involved in guiding and providing valuable insight as a currency analyst and commodities trader to his clients.

But one of Massimiliano Fiano‘s biggest achievements is the creation of the High-Frequency Trading Program (HFT), a system that encapsulates his lifetime experiences in the world of trading and delivers it to the inexperienced trader in a software meant to help analyze markets and make trading decisions on its own.

The HFT system is a software that works in the background using complex algorithms and takes decisions on its own without human intervention.

Massimiliano Fiano started working on his program 16 years ago. His goal was to create a system that helps everyone, including inexperienced traders, take calculated risks in the world of trading.

The creator of the HTF programs also speaks about the amount of time the manual trader spends every day watching news events or performing analysis of assets. With a system that does everything automatically, traders no longer have to spend hours every day on trading.

Over the years, his program’s capacity of making accurate predictions has improved. Today, after 16 years, Fiano’s system is one of the most accurate programs of its kind.

The traders who choose Massimiliano Fiano‘s system can expect daily returns between 3 percent and 4 percent without any effort. The program runs in the background and makes all the trading decisions by itself.

Fiano admits his system is not the first of his kind, but it is the first that makes all the decisions by itself. The program keeps an eye on multiple markets, which increases the speed at which decisions are taken.

One of the biggest disadvantages of other programs is the fact that traders don’t always have time to keep an eye on the program and make a transaction. Sometimes, the best transactions are made at 3 a.m. Could a trader stay up to keep an eye on the assets?

Fiano knows that no traders are capable of this. This is why he created a program that makes the decisions automatically and earnings increases earnings by doing so.

The comprehensive analysis that the HFT performs combined with the speed at which decisions are being taken makes Massimiliano Fiano’s program a truly powerful tool in the world of trading.

Fiano believes that his program is advantageous for many because it’s so easy to get started and quite advantageous as well, not only because it saves you time but also because the liquidity has improved. Most of the bid-ask spreads were eliminated, especially the ones that didn’t have enough value to make a change.

Fiano also received some criticism for creating a system that eliminates human intervention in decision-making.

While the creator of the HFT does admit that the market can go through some odd changes when a large number of people are using systems who make decisions independently, the changes are only temporary.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average did see a decline of 10 percent within 20 minutes. Soon, however, the numbers went up again.

Fiano does warn that the trading world is quite complex and there is no program out there that is capable of always making the most accurate prediction every time. But a big data system like HFT can lower the risks of making mistakes and help you make incredibly fast decisions.

Fiano’s dream was to open the doors to the world of trading to anyone who is curious enough to enter. He is doing so by continuously improving a program that was created 16 years ago and working towards increasing its accuracy.

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