In response to Hurricane Irma, Emuna Construction is doing its part to help rebuild our state. 

With the unprecedented massive natural disasters devastating our country, Emuna Construction first and foremost wishes that you, your family and clients are all safe and well-prepared. At Emuna Construction, we have activated our response teams in conjunction with several subcontractors and labor forces to help Floridians rebuild their homes, assess reconstruction needs and damages control caused by Hurricane Irma.

We are Florida, we are ready, time to prove to the world how we are.

Miguel Bubis, Manager

As we all stand together in these difficult times, Emuna Construction wants to be a part of the rebuilding team that can help bring back our state to its normal status and they are ready to work. We all need to be a part of the solution. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us – 786-556-7234 Miguel Bubis

Source: Emuna Construction

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