Led by ShipLink software creator and ShipLink Global CEO, Glenn Stewart, the complaint seeks damages for allegations that Swallow and Source Information Systems breached multiple contracts, filed fraudulent copyright applications with the US Copyright Office, failed to pay contractors, and deceived distributor SYSPRO Impact Software regarding their ability to support ShipLink customers.

According to lead attorney, Reid Dammann of GRSM, “Attempts by resellers like Source to claim intellectual property rights are fairly common. What’s egregious in this case is the counterclaim of fraud on the copyright office – asserting ownership of software that Mr. Stewart has alleged he both authored and owns.”

In 2016, Stewart and the entire ShipLink development and support team established ShipLink Global to protect the SYSPRO customer base and ShipLink intellectual property from Swallow’s continued bad acts. Swallow’s further malfeasance led to the current conflict and legal action. 

ShipLink Global moved quickly to implement new contracts and professional practices to reassure the hundreds of ShipLink users who now count on the company as the exclusive provider of ShipLink software and services. More recently, ShipLink Global released its new version, ShipLink 2017, and completed development of ShipLink Central – a new cloud-based platform that dynamically generates custom emails and documents throughout the SYSPRO shipping process.

According to Stewart, “While ShipLink Global continues to grow and develop, we’re confident our legal action will finally terminate the confusion created by Mr. Swallow’s conduct.  For twelve years customers have counted on the ShipLink team to help make the most of SYSPRO. With ShipLink Global they now enjoy these benefits in a more direct and professional manner.”

For customers who continue to receive maintenance bills from Source, GRSM’s Dammann is quick to remind that “As Source didn’t execute any ShipLink software license or maintenance agreements, payment is entirely voluntary. We always recommend that businesses protect their interests by reviewing software support relationships and confirming their service providers’ capabilities.”

SOURCE ShipLink Global LLC

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