The suit is significant because while consumers continue to experience inability to communicate or get relief by contacting Equifax directly, Florida law allows Floridians to demand relief the old fashioned way…by sending a certified letter.

“The response of Equifax to this extraordinary breach of the public trust has been ghastly. If Equifax is unable to enable or unwilling to implement workable solutions to respond to the crisis they caused, they cannot be trusted to continue collecting such highly sensitive personal financial information,” says Weidner.

Weidner urges consumers to reject any form of monitoring or resolution offered by Equifax and instead demand their right to an unconditional freeze by sending a certified letter to Equifax that complies with Florida’s credit freeze law.

Weidner also urges consumers to be wary of class action lawsuits which will drag on for years and which may limit or restrict their rights. Instead, consumers should consult their own lawyers and move quickly to protect themselves.

Weidner can be reached at 727-542-5571.


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