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Cult Hub | April 19, 2014

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For Fun

Make-up Masterclass: How to get the ‘Zombie’ look this Halloween

October 25, 2013 |

Halloween is fast approaching and you should always strive to look as scary as possible. Big Fish (the world’s largest producer of casual games) want to help you bag the most treats so have come up with this masterclass on … Read More

Catch these virals: Telekinesis, Chickens, Galloping Robots

October 8, 2013 |

A round up of some of the things that have tickled us throughout the week.

- This hilarious viral shows what would happen if Carrie stepped out of the screen and was a normal girl in normal land. I personally … Read More

How to make an Iron Man balloon outfit, Catdance feline Film Festival

September 9, 2013 |

- How to make an Iron Man balloon outfit

Iron Man 3 is getting an early digital release on blinkbox so they challenged Jeff Wright to make an Iron Man suit. Indestructible it might not be…but it does look comfy.

Read More Brings Nature to your Desktop

August 27, 2013 |

Do you love the sound of birdsong in the morning? Well my garden seems to be prime cat real estate so the sound of birds singing is long gone. There’s now a service that will allow you to relax to … Read More

Wearethedata Awesome Viral Website for Watch Dogs

August 13, 2013 |

Just something to scare you a little bit on a Tuesday morning. This website, WeareData , is a promotional page for Watch Dogs, a new game which is currently available for pre-order. The website gathers freely available information such as social … Read More

Official Alan Partridge app launches – Radio Alan: The Partridge Player

August 6, 2013 |

Alan Partridge now has his own app, released to coincide with the debut of Alan’s first feature film Alpha Papa in cinemas nationwide on 7th August 2013.

From his early appearances on Radio 4’s On The Hour, through the graveyard … Read More

The 12th Doctor announced as Peter Capaldi

August 4, 2013 |

Tonight, the internet exploded.

Well, ok, that might be a bit dramatic but the news was pretty spectacular. Yes, after what seems like an age of speculation (but was in fact only about 2 months) we now know who will … Read More

Thomas Edison filmed Boxing Cats back in 1894

March 1, 2013 |

Turns out, when you give a human a video camera, there’s a compulsion to dress up animals and make them do daft things. Thomas Edison was credited with the invention of the electric lighbulb, the … Read More

Baby Boom at Drayton Manor Zoo

February 11, 2013 |

Love is in the air at Drayton Manor Zoo

What do you mean I’m using this as an excuse to post pictures of baby meerkats? Drayton Manor zoo has been putting a lot of effort into it’s breeding programme and … Read More

The Difference Between Instagram and Vine

January 29, 2013 |

Incase case you were wondering, the cutest illustration above shows the difference between Instagram and Vine. Although if you try Googling the word Vine at the moment you’ll just get lots of results about inappropriate content as … Read More