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Cult Hub | July 24, 2014

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Ninja Scroll – Review

November 12, 2012 |


There is the holy trinity of Japanese animation: Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll. These three influential films have shaped not only Japanese cinema but the world over. Tetsuo from Akira appears … Read More

Gallowwalkers – Wesley Snipes’ Lost Movie Reviewed

November 5, 2012 |


Gallowwalkers is the “lost film” from Director Andrew Goth staring Wesley Snipes. Snipes stars as Aman, a sharp shooting cowboy who has killed the men who have crossed him. The dead start rising from their graves, … Read More

BFI London Film Festival 2012 Review – Midnight’s Children

October 16, 2012 |


Midnight’s Children is storytelling on a grand stage. It spans across sixty years, describes over twenty different characters and sets itself against the backdrop of history that changed the geographical lines in South-East Asia. In … Read More

Looper – Review

October 10, 2012 |


The Avengers, Prometheus, Titanic, Star Wars: Episode I, The Hunger Games, Skyfall, Amazing Spider-Man, and some film about a man dressed like a bat – arguably the biggest and most prominent films in 2012. … Read More

We Are The Night – DVD Review

October 10, 2012 |


Vampires. They’ve become such a cliche thanks to franchises such as the Twilight series. If the character you see on the small or big screen isn’t a human, an android or a … Read More

The Pact – Review

October 9, 2012 |


A low budget horror with high values. The Pact stars Caity Lotz as Annie, a young rebellious lady who, persuaded by her older sister, reluctantly returns to her family home to help sort out her deceased … Read More

BFI London Film Festival 2012 Review – Shell

October 6, 2012 |


What’s that? A bleak Scottish film? I don’t believe you.

Shell is evidently a labour of love for Scott Graham, who wrote and directed a short of the same name back in 2007; now he presents us … Read More

BFI London Film Festival 2012 Review – Lawrence Anyways

October 6, 2012 |


We’re used to seeing Director Xavier Dolan acting in visually visceral tales, such as Martyrs, and directing comparably emotive ones, like I Killed My Mother – gender and sexuality issues are seemingly well-trodden ground for the Canadian-born … Read More

BFI London Film Festival 2012 Review – Robot & Frank

October 6, 2012 |


Not many films can present great things from very little. Robot & Frank is one of them. You have to go all the way back to Johnny-5 from Short Circuit 2 (perhaps with the exception … Read More

Raindance Film Festival – Here Comes the Devil Review

October 5, 2012 |


The film opens with a graphically raw lesbian sex scene. Then one of the girls gets killed by a serial killer. That’s right, Bogliano’s Here Comes the Devil is another Catholic guilt film.

After the unnecessarily gratuitous … Read More