Coupons to save on Christmas international calls!

Coupon giveaway for Mexicans who need more balance for Christmas, to talk to their relatives and friends living in Mexico.

ATLANTA, the global telco serving Mexicans worldwide, launches a new offer before Christmas that can bring someone up to 600 calling minutes to call Mexico. For orders of minimum $15, placed between December 8-10, 2017, they receive $2 extra with coupon XMASX2, while they get or $3 Voice Credit bonus for orders above $20 using coupon code XMASX3. The bonus can be used to call Mexico landlines and cellular phones, as well as send SMS. A person can use only one coupon of the two, and only once. The offer is open for anyone having friends or a family back in the Mexico, and making long distance calls from time to time.

Coupon XMASX2 brings up to 400 minutes to call landlines in Mexico or 105 to call mobile phones there, or a mix of the two. The bonus applies immediately on Voice Credit orders above $15. Someone can only use the coupon once, until December 10, 2017, on

Coupon XMASX3 applies on a Voice Credit order of minimum $20 and brings automatically a bonus worth of 600 minutes to call landlines in Mexico, or 157 minutes to call mobile phones in Mexico, or a mix. These amounts are valid at the moment the hereby release is published. The credit can also be internationally used to call other destinations. It applies immediately when buying $20 Voice Credit balance on

The good part is that both the ordered balance and the bonus have no expiry date, and can be used for other destinations as well. Also, the calling credit Bonus and the main balance never expire. And for every purchase, one gets loyalty rewards.

The current gift is meant to help Mexicans abroad get more calling balance without paying extra for their Christmas phone calls. The credit left unused during Christmas will remain active and can be checked in one's online account on or on the Show Balance top right corner of the calling app powered by called KeepCalling.

More gifts, Bonuses, Discounts and fun are also available on Facebook, where the Mexican community meets up: Voice Credit balance can be used with KeepCalling app or an access number. The app is available and free to install for Android and iOS devices. While those who prefer to call without WiFi, 3G or 4G, an access number is ideal. One needs to choose the number in his/her residence are, dial it from any phone whether an old school cellular phone, a pay phone, a smartphone or landlines, and then enter the PIN and the destination number in international format. The quality is high and the dialing can be made even easier by setting the destination number on Speed Dial.

No matter which calling method one picks, with or without Internet connection, the regular rate to call landlines in the Mexico is at present 0.5 ¢/minute, while to call cellular phones is only 1.9 ¢/minute. But the lowest rate is with Mexico Unlimited monthly plan, that includes an unlimited number of minutes to call landlines and cell phones in Mexico for as little as $4.99 per month:

Having an account on is free, and the calling service comes with some extras as a result of Mexican expats' feedback:

-Free features: Speed Dial, PINless, Auto-Recharge, Voice Prompts
-24/7 friendly and prompt support
-Loyalty rewards
-Online transactions and call history
-Regular Bonuses and Discounts
Online purchases in seconds

More giveaways and contests are also the specialty of the Mexican expat community on Facebook run by

HablaMexico offers other long distance services besides Voice Credit or the unlimited monthly calling plan:
-Mobile Recharge is the service which facilitates mobile credit transfers to cellular phones in Mexico, subscribed to: Telcel, Movistar, Unefon, Iusacell, Nextel, Alo, Cierto, Maz Tiempo, Virgin Mobile.
-Virtual Number is a Mexican phone number someone can use outside Mexico, to receive local calls from his / her family and friends living in Mexico, helping them to make calls at the local rates. is a website serving the Mexicans living and working away from their motherland in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. It is a brand of KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in USA, who launched International Homesickness Day for the first time in history in 2016. Presently, KeepCalling provides its services to hundreds of thousands of consumers , with a focus on customer satisfaction. KeepCalling was listed by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA for 5 consecutive years.

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