North Holland, NL – Trading is pretty easy to get into but the learning curve can be tough for some. Its appeal is that those who get into it get to be their own boss, set their own schedule, and work from home with an endless opportunity to make as much money as they want. Besides these factors, anyone who has an internet connection and computer can set up a small trading account to get started. It’s a job that does not require any type of degree, experience, or special training but there quite a bit that one must learn on the job. Forex has teamed up with a CFD educational service Elite CurrenSea to launch ecs.LIVE which is an intense trading package designed to help retail traders with live analysis, regular chart updates, and trading setups.

Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik have used their combined 30 years of trading experience to develop esc.LIVE. This package helps aspiring traders navigate the Forex& Crypto trading systems. It’s designed for people to understand and connect market theory to real life trading and analysis. It offers videos, webinars, trading strategies, chart analysis, and proprietary tools. Elite CurrenSea is striving to help retail traders through an approach that is practical and very intensive.

Other services the company offers include feee daily relevant news related to the market and daily video analysis with entry/exit points. They also have a library of indicators that are custom-made and a variety of trading tools that are free. 

For those interested in becoming a trader, it’s important to understand exactly what they do. Simply, thye look at popular currencies, stocks and cryptocurrencies, focusing technical analysis. More specifically, traders look at price patterns to predict where the price is going for the future. They also keep a close eye on supply and demand, market emotion, and client services.

For those who are interested in getting into trading or want to brush up on their skills, check out Elite CurrenSea’s education package to get more of a financial education on the Forex trading system. Check out their website to find out more information and to see how ecs.LIVE can be beneficial.

Media Contact
Company Name: Elite CurrenSea
Contact Person: Nenad Kerkez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 34633417121
City: Amsterdam
State: North Holland 1011 P
Country: Netherlands


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