An upcoming episode of Success Files hosted by the acclaimed actor Rob Lowe will showcase colleges serving native communities. In previous segments, the educative series has featured several episodes advocating for education. The upcoming segment will be no different.

Tribal colleges and universities constitute a significant portion of the higher education system in the United States. The thirty-seven tribal institutions of higher learning are located in rural communities and remain unknown to the general public.

Tribally Controlled Community Colleges were founded in the 1970s in an effort to address the educational and cultural needs of American Indian communities. The education models play a big role in shaping the tribal groups' social, economic, and political development. They provide individual students with cultural knowledge and opportunities for academic and personal empowerment. Tribal colleges provide local communities with educational services within their local areas. Native students don't have to move far away from home in order to earn degrees. Education among native communities is financially-prohibitive due to minimal resources and lack of funding. Tribal colleges provide scholarships to allow students to access knowledge. In addition, tribal colleges mentor students and collaborate with other mainstream institutions to ease the transfer process.

However, tribal colleges are often overlooked by mainstream institutions who often regard the model of education in local reservations as inferior. Tribal colleges continue to struggle financially because of insufficient funding. This has led to a significant decrease in the number of graduating professionals.

For more information on this important subject, join Rob Lowe in an upcoming episode of “Success Files” that will be distributed to a Public Television PBS Member station.

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