LONDON–Infiniti Research, a global competitive intelligence solutions provider, has announced the release of their new customer segmentation study on the healthcare industry. A renowned cardiac pacemaker manufacturer wanted to divide customers into segments based on their behavior and needs and stay ahead of the competition. The client also wanted to profile potential customers and maintain a strong customer relationship.

According to the customer segmentation experts at Infiniti, “The healthcare sector is shifting toward a customer-oriented environment, and major cardiac pacemaker manufacturers are relying on customer segmentation to determine the most and the least profitable customer segments.”

With the rising concerns pertaining to the availability of suitable healthcare facilities, governments across the globe are implementing certain initiatives to provide favorable treatment options. Cardiac pacemakers play a vital role in addressing concerns about treating life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. Leading players in the cardiac pacemaker manufacturing industry are relying on customer segmentation solutions to segregate their customers and implement a value-based approach to spur revenues.

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The solution presented by Infiniti helped the client to determine the needs and preferences of the customers and influence marketing efforts to target specific customer segments. The client was able to improve customer service and enhance loyalty and retention. Also, the client was able to identify new products and designed products to meet the customer expectations.

This customer segmentation solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

  • Comprehend the buying characteristics of the customers and anticipate the most profitable customer segments
  • Tailor the resources accordingly to meet the needs of the customers
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This customer segmentation solution offered predictive insights on:

  • Identifying the most and the least profitable segments and accordingly allocating resources
  • Segmenting customers into different groups with similar needs
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View the full customer segmentation study here:

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