LAS VEGAS – Jan. 12, 2018 – Found Intelligence Technology’s smart speaker – the product named AYAH HOME was first exhibited to the world. At CES site, AYAH also attracted a large number of media to witness the first show of AYAH HOME. 

At the CES, Wilson Wang, co-founder of Found Intelligence Technology, introduced the design concepts of AYAH HOME to the audiences and showed the application of multi-turn voice interaction and its benefits to smart home.


AYAH HOME looks like a bean, or a seed, and contains the tension of the new life. Furthermore, besides traditional breathing lamp interaction, AYAH HOME has a special design which name is smart real-time behavior reaction. Its unique swing interaction allows users to experience its multi-dimensional vitality. 

AYAH HOME offers comprehensive support for smart living, such as audio content playback, access to surrounding public facilities, such as checking road conditions, booking train tickets and hotel reservations, restaurant inquiring and reservations, express tracking and ordering, and other nearby living services.

As smart housekeeper, AYAH HOME leverages artificial intelligence technologies, such as deep learning and reinforcement learning, to deliver smart home center abilities. AYAH HOME has two work modes. One is passive mode, other is proactive mode. In passive mode, users can control and query by multi-turn conversation with AYAH HOME. In proactive mode, AYAH HOME can proactively deliver information and perform tasks for the entire family by getting insights about environments through sensors.

As an AI company that insists on driving business innovation by core technology progress, Found Intelligence Technology insists on independent research and development in core technologies such as natural language understanding and multi-turn multi-task decision-making, and has got some key achievements which are at leading position around world. Furthermore, Found Intelligence Technology proposed four new standards to the VUI products design: light interactive, light smart, light consumption, and light transform.

Found Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is the producer and service operator of VUI products in Hangzhou, China. We are committed to creating great intelligent assistant based on the task oriented VUI system to let everyone meet their needs just through talk.

We are looking forward to cooperate with global OTA and O2O service providers, audio and video content providers, intelligent hardware manufacturers and telecom operators, to share the high-speed increasing VUI market in China.

Media Contact
Company Name: Found Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Wilson Wang
Email: [email protected]
Country: China


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