New York, NY — 01/12/2018 — Chemical filters market is expected to witness sturdy growth with rising end-uses across various industries along with residential and commercial applications. Chemical filters are used for the purification of polluted air and contaminated water. Depending on the usage, chemical filters are available in two distinctive categories– as water chemical filters and gas chemical filters. The water chemical filters are generally designed and traded with activated carbon media to remove pollutants from the aquatic environment, whereas gas chemical filters are popularly used in automobiles. Activated carbon is among the widely used chemical media utilized in chemical filters.

The sales of chemical filters for aquatic application has witnessed significant growth over the past years. Various type of chemical filters, such as, trickle filter, canister filter, power filter, internal filter, etc. are available in the market that are effectively used in toxin removal from fresh or marine waters.

Chemical filters are designed using different types of filter media depending on the methodology used for chemical filters. Also, specialized chemical filters are available in the market for removing different type of pollutants. The selection of chemical filters also depends upon the flow rate and pressure drop requirements. With high growth in industrial and non-industrial infrastructure, the demand for chemical filters is expected to increase at a high CAGR over the forecast period.

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Chemical Filter Market: Drivers and restraints

With the development in science and technology, many industries are adopting innovative technologies for their quality production. However, reducing or controlling the air and water pollution remains the main concern for manufacturers, both on the technological as well as economical scale. The stringent regulations provided by various health & environment regulatory bodies, such as EPA (Environment Protection Agency), EEA (Energy & Environmental Affairs), ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials), etc. are forcing manufacturers to adopt effective measures to minimize or eradicate pollution. These regulations, in turn, are expected to push the sales of chemical filters, leading to their overall market growth across the globe over the coming years. Also, in order to match with the global trend of sustainability, industrial and non-industrial end-users are increasingly opting to use chemical filters.

On the other hand, some difficulties are observed during the maintenance of chemical filters, restraining the growth of global chemical filters market. Chemical filters are found to serve a short service life and replacement of their filter media is relatively a difficult task. Also, lack of knowledge regarding the benefits of chemical filters over the mechanical and biological filters is expected to hamper the growth of the global chemical filters market over the coming future.

Chemical Filter Market: Region wise outlook

Globally, Asia Pacific region– led by India and China, is expected to show productive opportunities for chemical filters market over the forecast period. High industrialization growth as well as vast consumer base is expected to support the growth of the chemical filters market in these countries. The air pollution level in developed regions such as the U.S. and Europe has been worsening. As a controlling measure, the use of chemical filters is expected to grow in these regions, hence significantly contributing to the overall market growth of chemical filters.

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Chemical Filter Market: Players

Examples of some of the market players identified across the value chain of chemical filters market include:

Evoqua Water Technologies
Tecno Aspira snc
L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Filter Specialists, Inc
Shenzhen Smart Technology Limited Company
Shelco Filters
Precision Filtration Products
Omnipure Filter Company
Genesis Filtration, Inc.

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