60 Years ago Tonight Movie Actress Jayne Mansfield Married Bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay January 13, 1958. You can see it re-enacted in the Freshly released on DVD and BluRay Bio-Pic Diamonds to Dust A Film about Movie Legend Jayne Mansfield.


New York, NY, January 14, 2018 — Sixty years ago tonight actress Jayne Mansfield married Bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay at the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verde, California. See it re-enacted in the freshly released on Dvd & BluRay Bio-Pic “Diamonds to Dust” about Movie Legend Jayne Mansfield. Most people do not know that the Blonde Bombshell of the 1950's who was Marilyn Monroe's biggest Rival, was the Mother of Law & Order SVU's Mariska Hargitay. Mansfield died tragically at the age of 34 in a car accident with a 4 year old Mariska and her two brothers in the backseat on a Louisiana Highway in June of 1967. Jayne Mansfield's life story is a fascinating and fast story. Married three times, had 5 children, made 29 films and an International Star and gone at age 34. Watch Diamonds to Dust on Amazon Prime for free or rent. Also on Itunes, Googleplay, Vudu, XBox, IndieRights Movie Channel and buy it on DVD for $13.99 and BluRay for $18.99 with only a $1.00 for shipping on MovieZyng.com

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