Bojanala, North West — (ReleaseWire) — 12/08/2017 –Now available, the app 'Major Daughter Live' aims to provide relationship and marriage counseling that help couples save their relationships. The app provides tips that will help couples reduce stress and increase effectiveness in their relationships, create passionate, peaceful relationships and have more meaningful conversations.

The app is very easy to use. It features a Membership Blog where users will have access to articles and discussions that will help them to build their relationships and make them stronger and long-lasting. Users will also have access to the author's (Major Daughter) bookshop collection and messages.

Users will be paired with Major Daughter to reduce the stress of the challenges that they're currently encountering.

“The app was developed to help couples record success in their relationships,” says Major Daughter. She explained that “users will be assisted in identifying growth opportunities that will help them to record the success they desire in their relationships.”

The app is available internationally on both Android Market (Google Play Store) and the Apple iOS platform.

About Major Daughter
Major Daughter is an Amazon bestselling Christian author, speaker, and coach. She inspires people to reach their peak. Her passion lies in bridging the gap between faith and real life for her audience. She uses personal experiences as well as biblical teachings to equip her audiences so that they can transform their painful experiences into ministry opportunities. She also helps her audience to overcome worry and fear so that they can live as conquerors.

Visit [] for further information about the app, 'Major Daughter Live' and enjoy its numerous features and functionalities.

Major Daughter
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