MAVRO is the revolution in the MLM Market.

Mavro is an ERC 23 token developed with the mission to establish a crypto network to power the 178 billion dollar niche industry which is the Multi-level Marketing industry (MLM).  MAVRO will empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors to work together seamlessly on an integrated ecosystem. The Mavro platform seeks to create a next generation ecosystem to foster the innovation and growth of an underserved industry in the crypto community.  We intend to offer users the ability to invest into the global multi-level marketing industry, through a cryptocurrency token powered by the Ethereum token network. Mavro users can access the tools necessary to succeed in their MLM venture without having to spend thousands of dollars on legal security and financial protection. Furthermore, the platform will connect MLM users directly to businesses which can be a potential future revenue source for a user.

On January 21, we are excited to offer a strategic pre-sale of our token to our early investors. With this, Mavro will be able to offer an established base of users the opportunity to get in before the public on the ground floor of the Mavro token system. The team of founders, led by  Sergei Mavrodi, plan to utilize their combined 20 years in the MLM industry to propel this token to groundbreaking levels.  Through this expansive network, the Mavro token will be the paragon of innovation making strides in both the crypto and MLM communities.  The MLM industry has yet to see a tool so revolutionary and we are confident it will help propel the industry to new highs.

We are confident this platform will establish the next generation of successful MLM ventures, ideas, and products. Through the use of the block-chain, we will establish a cryptocurrency which further promotes and develops other concepts, business ideas, and ventures within multi-level marketing.  The Mavro platform will open up the MLM industry to many people who have never heard or tried multi-level marketing.   The increased transparency and secure nature of the blockchain will allow Mavro to be set up for success.  Mavro is capitalizing on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ethereum Token Network.  The Mavro team is ready to tackle this 178 billion dollar industry, one token at a time.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about the token and its goals.

Thank you,

– Mavro Team

Media Contact
Company Name: Mavro
Contact Person: Rom Kremer
Email: [email protected]
Country: United States


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