SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 7, 2017 — Sunlight Inside, a startup focused on delivering the aesthetic and health benefits of natural light, has launched their second product, the mySun desk lamp, on the Kickstarter platform. Sunlight Inside's natural sunlight lamps provide the perfect light at every time of day to improve vision, boost energy, support mood, and enhance sleep.  The new mySun desk lamp, and the Bottled Sunshine table lamp are now on sale on with options for delivery before the Christmas holiday.

“When we launched our first product, a table lamp called Bottled Sunshine, our early adopters shared with us that they loved bringing natural light into their offices, as well as into their homes,” said Konrad Jarausch, founder of Sunlight Inside. “The new mySun lamp clamps directly to a desk or table, providing a beautiful source of natural light which enhances your vision.  Our products support your health and wellness by automatically reproducing the daily and seasonal cycles of natural light.”

The mySun desk lamp is handmade and sustainably sourced in California. It is available in either oak (light wood) or walnut (dark wood) and arrives preset to the owner's exact location so that it requires no setup or installation. The mySun and Bottled Sunshine lamps deliver true full spectrum light making skin tones, colors, and details look their best. These lamps naturally energize you with sunrise in the morning, and lift your mood with cool and bright light throughout the day. In the evening, the lamps provide sunset and then warm, soft candlelight which helps signal your body to relax and sleep.

Sunlight Inside's products are built to last 10-20 years without ever needing to change the light source and are very energy efficient. These products come with a mechanical dimmer and can also be controlled through the use of an iOS app. Early adopters can purchase the mySun lamp through the Kickstarter platform for $250.

“Human Centric Lighting is now being adopted in high-end projects around the world,” added Jarausch. “We founded Sunlight Inside to make natural light available in easy-to-use products which you can buy directly and enjoy without the hassle of installation, setup or a smartphone interface.”

The campaign is now live on and lamps are available for immediate fulfillment.

About Sunlight Inside:
Sunlight Inside provides beautiful, healthy natural lighting products to transform your home, office and business. Sunlight Inside is focused on bringing the benefits of natural light to existing spaces, without the need for construction, set-up or ongoing maintenance. The company's products feature the world's finest architectural-grade light engines which are able to produce true full spectrum natural light. Sunlight Inside's custom controllers are pre-set to your location to automatically provide the daily and seasonal changes of natural light and enhance your health and wellness.  Sunlight Inside delivers light the way nature intended!  Learn more at

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