DELRAY BEACH, FL, January 13, 2018 — New apparel brand Giraffe Choke, subsidiary of Marelle 1 LLC, has created a dynamic “Technique Gear” label that appeals not only to the top mixed martial arts (MMA) professionals around the world, but also to those who enjoy various sports activities. Giraffe Choke's “Technique Gear” playfully depicts various martial arts techniques, setting their products apart from the overly aggressive MMA brands that currently exist.

Giraffe Choke is founded by Cyrus Pakravan, a lifelong martial arts practitioner and supporter who has trained in both striking and grappling martial arts for over 30 years. During that time he has won championships at both national and local levels. The inspiration for Giraffe Choke came from the realization that while Mr. Pakravan has a life-long passion for combat sports, from boxing to the very first UFC event to today's EBI & Combat Jiu Jitsu events, he couldn't see himself wearing the MMA brands currently in the marketplace. As Mr. Pakravan was exploring alternative apparel concepts, he realized that he was not alone – there were many martial arts devotees who loved the sport as a competitive art form, but they weren't being represented by brands in the apparel market.

Working with some of the top MMA coaches and fighters, Mr. Pakravan designed a line of apparel that supports his passion and is designed to optimize comfort and quality, all with a chill vibe.

Giraffe Choke “Technique Gear” is an all-encompassing MMA brand. Whether you're a UFC fan or a practitioner of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, or just like cool gear – there's something for you. Another line at Giraffe Choke is Nationality flags that let you promote pride in your country. Currently, Giraffe Choke carries shirts, hats, mugs, cell phone cases and will soon be rolling out compression/yoga pants for men and women and other workout apparel.

Mr. Pakravan has worked on Wall Street for over 23 years. He launched Giraffe Choke “Technique Gear” brand in December 2017.

Prior to its launch, Mr. Pakravan spent several years caring for his father who courageously battled Leukemia until his passing, and his mother who subsequently developed and is currently battling Alzheimer's. As a result of these profound and personal experiences, a percentage of Giraffe Choke profits are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and The Alzheimer's Association.

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To reach Mr. Pakravan directly, email [email protected]

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