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Cult Hub | December 21, 2014

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Anne Hathaway

Les Miserables – 18 Featurettes and Clips

January 10, 2013 |

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend and you happen to like musicals, you can’t go wrong with big screen adaptation of the musical Les Miserables. Last October we showed you a featurette of the cast of Les … Read More

Gotham High Batman Parody Trailer

November 18, 2012 |

I wish this was real, however, it’s probably not easy to make the actors look like they did when they were 16. In the mean time, watch this brilliantly put together parody trailer for Batman Prequel – Gotham High. … Read More

[Sponsored Video] Les Misérables – The Extended First Look Featurette

October 1, 2012 |

Take a look at this awesome featurette which shows the Les Misérables cast singing live and telling you about how the film will be a very different experience to the stage show. The actors all sing live (ie, not in … Read More

The Dark Knight Rises: The Dark Knight Trilogy Review

July 20, 2012 |

A young boy sings the American national anthem in front of a filled football stadium. Patriotism has never been more beautifully presented. Togetherness is what binds the people together. An hour later in the movie, the flag of … Read More

The Dark Knight Rises trailers and TV spots

July 19, 2012 |

Need something to kill the hours before you go watch The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow? Cult Hub is here to fill those cravings. Ever since the first teaser trailer was released late last year expectation for this movie … Read More

The Dark Knight Rises will be Showing at The Science Museum’s IMAX Screen

July 16, 2012 |

Have you missed out on tickets for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX? Don’t worry, as London’s Science Museum’s IMAX will be showing the film from the 20th July onwards, and good news for you, there … Read More

Catwoman purrs in the latest TDKR TV Spot

June 29, 2012 |

It’s not like we’re the unofficial The Dark Knight Rises fan page or anything but when Christopher Nolan hands you a piece of pie… you take it. No questions asked. And what a sweet piece of pie this … Read More

4th The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot

May 29, 2012 |

Can’t get enough of The Dark Knight Rises? Then join the club. In this fourth TV sport released by Warner Bros. a dejected Alfred reminds a broken Bruce Wayne that he’s not Batman anymore – a piece of … Read More

Third The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

May 1, 2012 |

When the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises was set only yesterday, it requested Batfans around the world to take pictures of stills accumulating shots from the trailer. And would you believe it… the frames have already … Read More

CULT HUB’s Top 10 Must See Summer Movies

April 20, 2012 |

Summer 2012 will probably go down as one of the most spectacular in terms of both range and scale of movies being released for the masses. The variety of films include a welcome return to a sci-fi genre … Read More