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Cult Hub | July 23, 2014

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Author: Genevieve Sibayan

The Smart Lightbulb That’s Also a Bluetooth Speaker

July 11, 2014 |

Are your lightbulbs a bit dim? Have you ever looked at a lightbulb and thought they could be so much more? Mipow apparently had their own lightbulb moment and have created the Playbulb, an integrated LED bulb and audio speaker. The smart bulb is controled with an app and is compatible with both iOS and Android (4.3 and above) smartphones and tablets.

The app can control the ambiance of the light as well as playing back stored or streamed music with full control over the level of both. The Mipow Playbulb includes two low-power Bluetooth which can be controled up to 10 meters away.

mipow speaker bulb 1

There are four set modes which are programmable through the app:
ENERGY SAVE, turns off after extended use with no changes to settings
NIGHT, gradually dims the light and reduces audio
SLEEP, dims light and turns off audio
WAKE UP, gradually increases light and audio Read More

Hemlock Grove Season 2 Preview

July 7, 2014 |

After a sucessful first season, Netflix original Hemlock Grove returns for a second series. As with anything that has Eli Roth’s name attached to it (this time in an Exec-Producer capacity) you can expect fake blood, gore and toungue in … Read More

Sponsored Video: Tiger Beer wants to #Uncage your life

June 30, 2014 |

Shower, coffee, work, sleep, wake, coffee, repeat. Do you sometimes feel like you’re trapped in a cycle, doing the same old boring routine every day working tirelessly to afford your silver years of retirement? Do you sometimes feel like you’re … Read More

Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris on Audible – Review

June 20, 2014 |

From the Author of The Sookie Stackhouse novels, the books that the hit show True Blood is based on, comes Midnight Crossroad. Charlaine Harris bought us her world of Bon Temps, Louisiana but now she concentrating on a small hamlet … Read More

Ciaté Paint Pots – Beauty Review

June 20, 2014 |

Ciaté know that great things come in cute packaging and their paint pots are the cutest there is. The pretty little bow on the full sized pots make them look like they’re wearing a bow tie. I got to try … Read More

Fun, Mud & Horses in the Most Unusual Runs in the UK

June 7, 2014 |

After signing up to the Sure Run to the Beat 10k run later this year, we set out to find the strangest runs in the UK and discovered that there are a lot of strange eccentric people out there. Here … Read More

Londoners Can Run Home with HOME RUN by FITNESS FIRST

June 6, 2014 |

Home Run from Fitness First is back after an an 18 month hiatus and will see London commuters take back the streets on their way home. Fitness First Home Run provides a guided, sociable and safe way to get fit … Read More

Bloom Makes the Misfit Shine the Prettiest Wearable Tech

June 4, 2014 |

Misfit, the makers of the Shine activity tracker have announced the Bloom, a beautiful, hand-finished, stainless steel pendant for the Misfit Shine activity tracker.

The Misfit Shine is an activity monitor that is versatile with where you can wear it, … Read More

Sure Run To The Beat is Back With a 10K Race

May 26, 2014 |

Last year Sure’s Run To The Beat was an epic half marathon with DJ’s all the way round the course and runners were treated to a Jessie J gig at the end. Run To The Beat is back this year … Read More

Jameela Jamil launches #MyRingsMyStyle at Pandora

May 23, 2014 |

Pandora are best known as the purveyor of pretty charms and this week they increased their range of stacking rings by teaming up with presenters and influential style bloggers to create a MyRingsMyStyle.

Jameela Jamil and Angela Scanlon partnered with … Read More