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Cult Hub | December 22, 2014

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Liam Neeson

The Lego Movie: Review

February 14, 2014 |

For what is essentially an hour and a half advert for toy building blocks, The Lego Movie has no right being as funny, engaging, wacky, beautifully designed and gut punchingly emotional as it is. You are unlikely to see a … Read More

Taken 2 shoots new international trailer

July 31, 2012 |

Liam Neeson isn’t really known for his action movies (even though he was in Star Wars and Batman Begins) as he’s more of an actor’s actor. A true gentleman of the art. And has played some amazing roles … Read More

Batman Begins: The Dark Knight Trilogy Review

July 18, 2012 |

As Bruce Wayne walks towards his private jet after a grueling training regime from the Bhutanese mountains, he is greeted by his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth after seven years. As he takes each step, Alfred notices this is … Read More

The Cinema of Christopher Nolan: Part I

July 16, 2012 |

To celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Cult Hub takes a retrospective look at some of the most iconic films created by Christopher Nolan and explore their themes, science and philosophy. While a number of his … Read More

Catwoman purrs in the latest TDKR TV Spot

June 29, 2012 |

It’s not like we’re the unofficial The Dark Knight Rises fan page or anything but when Christopher Nolan hands you a piece of pie… you take it. No questions asked. And what a sweet piece of pie this … Read More

The Dark Knight Rises fourth…. trailer

June 19, 2012 |

Get excited. Your summer is just about to be detonated with explosions and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. The Avenger-killer (aka The Dark Knight Rises) has released its fourth trailer with lots of extended scenes … Read More

Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace 3D – Review

March 1, 2012 |


To be clear from the beginning, Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 3D, should be treated in two ways. The first as an introduction to a new wave of cinema goers … Read More