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Cult Hub | December 21, 2014

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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2012

August 31, 2012 |

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival is the umbrella festival for Animated Encounters and Brief Encounters which together presents one of the world’s best-known showcases and meeting points for new and established international short and animated film … Read More

CULT HUB’s Top 10 Must See Summer Movies

April 20, 2012 |

Summer 2012 will probably go down as one of the most spectacular in terms of both range and scale of movies being released for the masses. The variety of films include a welcome return to a sci-fi genre … Read More

Coraline Makers Laika Studios Plan Stop Motion ‘Goblins’

April 19, 2012 |

Stop motion animation is having something of a Renaissance at the moment. Monsters, the supernatural and creatures are the hot topic with films like Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie and the upcoming Paranorman making an appearance this Autumn. Laika … Read More

‘ParaNorman’ Trailer Features Stop-Motion Children and Undead

March 5, 2012 |

The Undead are having a bit of a Rennaissance at the moment and it’s all happening in stop-motion animation. The creepy cuteness of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie will be joined this year by ParaNorman. From the makers of suprisingly scary … Read More