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Cult Hub | December 20, 2014

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Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright Plotting ‘The World’s End’ Movie

January 26, 2012 |

Work has officially started on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. The pair have previously worked together on romzomcom Shaun of the Dead and Police comedy Hot Fuzz and they’ll be completing their “Blood and Ice Cream” … Read More

More Footage from Snow White and the Huntsman Starring Kristen Stewart

January 20, 2012 |

The battle between the two Snow White films that are currently being made is hotting up and Snow White and the Huntsman is keen to show off it’s epic footage.

Being directed by Rupert Sanders, a commercial director, this will … Read More

Final Poster for The Hunger Games Revealed

January 20, 2012 |

It’s the latest young adult series to become acceptable for adults to read on the train and after months of promotion and social marketing, here’s the final poster to be released in time for the first film based on the … Read More

£200 million “Project Pinewood” Scrapped After Government Refuses Planning Permission

January 20, 2012 |

“Make more commercial films” the Prime Minister demanded of the British film industry earlier this week. And today the government may as well have added “Just don’t film them here” as a £200million expansion of Pinewood Studios had to be … Read More

LFF Preview – Junkhearts

October 21, 2011 |


There’s nothing more tragic than ordinary people struggling with drug addictions and the problems they lead to. Junkhearts follows the story of an alcoholic ex-soldier, Frank (Eddie Marsan) who meets a homeless girl, Lynette (Candese Reid). The … Read More

Actress suing IMDb for showing her age

October 19, 2011 |

AFP have reported on an unnamed actress in the US who has lodged a $1 million case against IMDb’s parent company Amazon accusing them of revealing her age on the film industry website IMDB by using personal details from … Read More

By Day and By Night – Raindance Review

October 18, 2011 |

★★★★☆ Mexican director Alejandro Molina offers a visually stunning science fiction film which contemplates the question of whether the human race can control its over-swelling existence and if so at what cost. There is no time line … Read More

Like Crazy – LFF Review

October 18, 2011 |


The London Film Festival screenings of Like Crazy were packed with filmmakers and actors trying to get tips from the indie film; that was shot on a Canon 7D and improvised around a 50 page breakdown; that … Read More

Forget Paris – Raindance Review

October 17, 2011 |


Among the fairy tale endings and glossy overtures of romantic stories, it’s often refreshing to see a film that takes a grittier approach to relationships. 23 year old writer-director Christopher Presswell presents his … Read More

After Fall, Winter – Raindance Review

October 16, 2011 |


Michael Shivers is a broken man. After submitting his latest manuscript to eight publishing houses he desperately hopes one of them would provide a large enough advance to resolve his … Read More