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Cult Hub | December 22, 2014

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Yayan Ruhian

Meet the Real Life Fruit Ninja thanks to The Raid 2

April 28, 2014 |

I’m sure you all know about the release of The Raid 2: Berandal (in cinemas right now), the follow-up to the epic game-changing The Raid. With Gareth Huw Evans as Director and Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian crafting some of … Read More

Cult Hub Interviews Gareth Evans on Directing The Raid

May 19, 2012 |

When Gareth Huw Evans completed his first feature film Footsteps, based upon a cameraman who films beatings, murders and rapes in an abandoned underpass, back in 2006 – the little reception it received made him turn away from film … Read More

The Raid Multimedia Treats Released

May 18, 2012 |

The Raid has hit cinemas in the UK and we wanted to show you more about the film without all the PR spiel so you can judge for yourself. Here are all the clips we’ve been sent or have sourced … Read More

The Raid Photoshoot

May 16, 2012 |

With only two days to go before the official UK release of Indonesian martial arts thriller The Raid, Cult Hub has just received these awesome photoshoot images to promote the film (like they really needs any help convincing you to … Read More

The Raid Preview Clip – Mandatory Training Montage

May 2, 2012 |

We’ve been sent this preview clip for ‘The Raid’ which is being hailed as a game changer of an action film. And like all good action films, there is a training montage, driving home the message that if you want … Read More

The Raid – Review

April 29, 2012 |


The Raid (Also known as The Raid: Redemption elsewhere in the world) is a martial arts movie set in Jakarta and written and directed by a Welsh man. You might think it seems like an unlikely … Read More

Martial Arts Action Film ‘The Raid’ Comes to the UK

April 10, 2012 |

There’s a martial arts film that’s been quietly gathering buzz in film festivals worldwide and now it’s coming to a screen near you. ‘The Raid’ is set in one of those terrors of society, the high rise housing estate. … Read More