We’re always looking for new talent who can write good quality original articles for culthub.com. Please contact us if you’d like us to consider you and remember to provide details of your own blog or a link to some articles you have written.

You might be looking to develop your writing skills, gain exposure, enrich your portfolio, or establish yourself as a ‘knower’ in your field. We welcome all guest submissions from writers interested in contributing to culthub.com.

We’re looking for two types of writers:

Guest Contributors

We’d love to hear your ideas for a guest article. Guest contributors write to share their opinion and specialisms. At this time guest bloggers on Cult Hub are on a voluntary basis only but all Guest Contributors will have two no-follow links within the article or by line back to their own site and a text link on the about page. We’re NOT looking for contributions from people who are writing for a company who want to increase their Google Page Rank. We also have a high level of standards and reserve the right to reject articles that don’t meet our criteria and editorial remit.

Continuous Writers

Cult Hub is looking for more writers who want to be more involved in the site. Writing is currently on a voluntary basis but you will get an author box at the bottom of your article, a login and a bio on the about page. You may also get the opportunity to cover some exclusive events depending on your location and what comes up. We are also running a writer of the year award…there will be a little prize.

You could browse our site to give you an insight into the articles we like to publish,  we are open to most topics from news to features and we really love new and innovative ideas. Even if you would like to contribute an article but you are a little bit unsure about what to write about, just get in touch with us, we will guide you in the right direction.

We accept articles in any format, whatever you feel most comfortable with, text, html etc. All images must be up to a maximum size of 500px in width and we do not accept any affiliate links within articles whatsoever.

Are you ready to contribute? If you are, send us an email and we will be in touch shortly.