FOUNDATIONAL is a nonpolitical party but built on dignity in policy not a religious order but own by Religious truly vocation realise to challenge

PLEASE KINDLY NOTIFY Ms Joyce IROKA the Project Director, what you have given to the Foundation as to have you listed as donators for transparency note, we need to stand against fraud and give thanks”

— Ms Joyce IROKA

ABEOKUTA, OGUN , NIGERIA, November 15, 2017 — Unto the Guidance of the Blessed Trinity, chosen by Pope John Paul II for my long years of studies and research, on how best to promote priestly vocation in the society as to eradicate poverty, inhuman policies, promoting education, provide employment after education the concept of global development policy.
Vocation Realise On Agric Empowerment FOUNDATION is a non-political party but built on dignity in policy, not a religious order but own by Religious for foundation institute set up to empower His Grace Most Rev Dr Adewale Alfred MARTINS Priestly Vocation and to eradicate miserable living,
Aims and Objectives:
1. To Empower His Grace Most Rev Dr Adewale Alfred MARTINS priestly vocation.
2. To Empower Youths on Agriculture…
3. To Empower Education in Employment.
4. To Work with the Society of Jesus “Jesuit” CUSIMANO Family as well as American government and people.
5. To Eradicate miserable living, Inhuman immigration and inhuman policy.

We are out to challenge;
Governance and its principles
Concept of employment
Method of working
Capacity of production
Quality of production
Selling price
Commercial relationship
The agricultural training and proper decimination of Research solution to farming problem
Retransforming fund into projects and not sleeping money in the banks

Project base on AGRIC PROJECT (Mix-Farming + Laboratories + Storage and Structures) on 50H of Land in Abeokuta North Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria
300 Staff of 35 posts

Archbishop Adewale Alfred MARTINS send forth to the people outside Catholic to join to benefit, he said ‘will spend his free time in the farmland to help out”.

The Government of Ogun State allocated the land and the foundation surveyed it by the Government of Ogun State the department of survey, I hired 20 men to cut the bush, as to prepare for planation manually we need fund to carry on.

You must know that we do not have tractor and it very experience to hire here in Ogun and we need food because the daily garri is over 281% expensive as what it was sold 2014.

The foundation launched its project on Thursday 6th April 2017 in Abuja FCT but the Authority Newspaper whom we used to publish a Trustee expression sold it to Emmanuel UDOH the Awka IBOM State governor who fraud it online, most of you saw heard and received from me on this crime act, which led me to be appealing you fund.

Ambassador of Malaysia in Abuja taught the foundation had make if project fund and arranged to kidnapped me on 8th August 2017 he invited to meet him a Kuja in Abuja in mountain and fire church, where he arrived with trailer and sent an ibo young man to you but I sent him out with disgrace, a shock in what most international mission heads live in Nigeria crime, while putting Nigerians into conflicts, miserable… if we would have harvest our first corps which I will call on you to come and taste.

Account Number: 0169954432
Swift Code: GTBINGLA
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Address: Abeokuta
We’ve follow:
Account Number of the same Name above in different currencies:
Account Number: 0176582189 USD
Account Number: 0176582220 GBP
Account Number: 0176582457 EUR

For more information please contact us: : [email protected],

Nigeria is not a place for giving extract estimation beside project amount N50B with 300 Staff rather I engage paying all service directly by transfer or cheque which bank will release the statement of account., which will be made know publicly at every 3 months, and which could be as well constituted in our siteweb when we will set, 3 years of existence the children of our land will not left side of education.

Your support may not all be cash but as well as in materials, technology, vehicles, farm working tools. Office uses, sanitary, medication setup, ideas on how to handle the criminals, carrying out seminar, conference, televised talks, media talks as to well understand our Aims and Objectives , help to have our road in good order etc

The foundation is not to for sleeping money in the bank rather investing in others States in Nigeria and across.

Keep in mind Rev Father Francis CUSIMANO SJ died on Wednesday 18th November 1998. Saturday 18th November 2017 his memorial, please tell it out he carried a holy vocation formation by supporting us kindly, calling on you President John Donald TRUMP and wife, President BUSH and OBAMA, NY Jesuit community, CUSIMANO Family, Jesuit leading by Holy Father Pope Francis SJ, Beloved Pope Benedict XVI, His Grace Most Rev Dr Adewale Alfred MARTINS has donated his time to work in farmland,
Appealing People of good will of America, Europe, Africa, Asia, financial institutions, Madame Christine Lagarde IMF director, and Agricultural development bank, International airlines Chairpersons, the petroleum countries Chairpersons, respecters of the Earth, Mr Director of WHO, Ambassador of agricultural, United Nation…

My condition for your fund or help is will not in any way for depopulation of humanity, inhuman social belong i.e marriage of the same sex, for arms, pollution, secret cult, trafficking inhumanly,

His Grace, Most Rev Dr. Adewale Alfred MARTINS
Ms Joyce IROKA
Engr Ernest OGBE

Mr Samson AMOSU

I worked in helping international in France:
– Who wanted to put an end to their lives, while they were young parents
– To find their way whereas they were themselves in situation of missed school course.
– To find work, etc.
Meanwhile Africa, my very country NIGERIA in particular has not benefit from the knowledge they imparted in duties and obligation.

My Mission and Experience
Access in counseling and job research for young people, with experience in the professional integration of young people constantly before the government…on the importance of finding work for young people after studies and SOS encouraging the youths in economic development in no small measure. Nigerians will not be left

Lot of regard

Ms Joyce IROKA
Project Director

Ms joyce IROKA
234 81 797 499 43
email us here

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