BEVERLY HILLS, CA – 01-12-2018 (Press Release Jet) — A new book by SmartGuy® Founder/CEO J. R. Wexler, provides a timely and much-needed roadmap for uniting people of all ages, religions, cultures and ethnicities.

THE BOOK OF 7 offers an exciting story of seven teenagers from all over the world, who come together during a lunar eclipse. In just four days, they not only come to understand and respect each other, but unravel some of the world’s biggest mysteries….

  • Why are some kids born with extraordinary abilities?
  • Why are some people lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender?
  • Why are my two kids so different?
  • Why do some people have split personalities?
  • Why are some people more vulnerable to addiction?
  • Why do some people have extreme anxiety?
  • Why are some people deadly afraid of things for no apparent reason?
  • Why are we instantly attracted to some people, and not to others?

This book helps people of all ages better understand themselves and how life fits together. It is an exciting tale that spans a full spectrum of religion, spirituality, personal growth, social change, relationships and more, while unraveling questions of life and inspiring readers to make change, both inside and out.THE BOOK OF 7 should be on the bookshelf of every school, bookstore and online seller, as well as a requirement for every parent, child and school teacher to read. it is available through Barnes and Noble, Google Books and Amazon via e-book, paperback or hardcover.While attending his first year at USC, J. R. Wexler sought to improve the understanding and connectivity of teenagers. He interviewed hundreds in order to complete his first book, which later turned into a television series. Years later, he continued his passion to unite people by creating innovative global solutions, including, one of the largest business networks in the world with nearly ¼ million businesses. Still uncomfortable with the darkness and violence of the present age, Wexler took a leave of absence from his work and came back with this refreshing and adventurous tale that can bring bring peace to the world. Contact Mr. Wexler at 818-414-2514 or [email protected]

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